September 20, 2021

Greetings, Department Leadership and Members,
One of National Commander Paul Dillard’s priorities for membership is to engage our members. Whether they are current members, expired members, or potential members, we need to engage these individuals and show them the value of being a member of The American Legion. One of the ways that Commander Dillard has discussed in engaging members is to contact those 2020 members and offer them the ability to continue their continuous years on their membership. This offer is only for those members who were last paid in 2020 and did not renew for 2021 – they can continue their continuous years if they pay for 2022. With COVID affecting many aspects of daily life over the last year and half, this is an easy way to talk with those 2020 members and show them some good will.
Here is how it would work: Someone contacts a member who was last paid for 2020 (only ones eligible for this offer) and they had 5 years continuous membership at the time. If they were to pay for 2022 – their continuous years would now be 6 years. If they would like to also have 2021 as well, the offer would be as normal, and they would have to pay for the 2021 year. If they do not care or do not want to get back 2021, but pay for 2022, then the adjustment on the continuous years would have to be made at the post by filling out a Member Data Form (MDF) to correct the years or the department can correct it within Personify.
Things to remember – when transmitting the dues, unless the member is paying for 2021 and 2022, do not select 2021 as part of the payment. If 2021 is selected, the payment will come out for that portion of the per capita and it will be deducted as part of the eCheck payment processing.
* For this, only 2022 needs to be selected and then the adjustment should be made that members record in Personify or send in the MDF to be processed at National Headquarters. If the member wants both years to be added to their continuous years, then accept payment from them for both 2021 and 2022 membership years, and then process both years through PGO.
Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
R. John Clark
Dept WA - Membership Chairman

September 13, 2021

Updated membership goals for Districts and Posts have been published on the Membership Goals page.

August 18, 2021

Important UPDATE for membership transfers. we were informed, that Posts and Departments are no longer able to make membership transfers. Membership data forms are to be filled out by the receiving Post and sent to Department and then forwarded to National. National will then transfer the member. PLEASE INFORM YOUR POSTS! This is very important information. An electronic copy of the member data form is attached here.   A Legionnaire desiring transfer of membership must first secure approval from the Post to which transfer is desired. This may be done orally or in writing. The Adjutant of the new post will complete and route the form to the Department. 

The Department staff have been working on the current Post Commander and Adjutants access for the new mylegion. It is slow moving, but we are helping as many as we can. 4th District has done a great job providing the information needed to get Post Commanders and Adjutants access. I have not heard from any other District. Please provide feedback on which Posts need our assistance getting up and running on mylegion.