Mission & Qualifications



“Your Mission is twofold: help Legionnaires and others grow in their relationships with God and one another, and to minister to people wherever there is a need.”

–The American Legion Chaplain’s Handbook

By the above “Mission Statement”, this section is devoted to providing resources that may be helpful in fulfilling that mission for both new and experienced Legion Chaplains. It contains articles and links to help achieve the spiritual wellbeing of not only Legionnaires, but also their families and other veterans.

Department Chaplain:
The Department Chaplain shall be responsible for providing non-sectarian benedictions and invocations at Department Convention functions and at such other Department meetings at which attendance is required, for conducting Legion funerals when so requested, and for providing instructions to Post and District Chaplains.

Qualifications of Chaplains:
The Chaplain demonstrates a sense of spiritual maturity.
The Chaplain is committed to the chaplaincy.
The Chaplain is a person of integrity and high moral standards.
The Chaplain provides the Spiritual counsel needed by the commander and members of the Post/District.
The Chaplain has a positive attitude towards himself/herself.
The Chaplain keeps things confidential.

Work of the Chaplains:
The Chaplain opens and closes all Post/District meetings.
The Chaplain should pray for the Post/District leadership.
The Chaplain must be aware of Post members who are ill or in need.
Chaplains should send cards: Get well for the ill, Sympathy, and Thinking of you for members who have missed meetings.
Chaplains may make hospital visits, home visits, or nursing home visits.
Chaplains should be prepared to conduct or attend funerals.
Chaplains should be prepared to conduct or attend memorials.
Chaplains should conduct Post/District rituals.
All Post chaplains should report the number of members in their post who have passed away during the year. This report should be provided for the District Commander and Chaplain by 15 June of each year.

Chaplains are important officers in the Posts and Districts of The American Legion, Department of Washington.
The chaplain does not have to be a clergyman, but one who is willing to serve as the chaplain. The person serving in the office should demonstrate a sense of spiritual maturity and be committed to the chaplaincy and a person of integrity. He / She must be willing to administer to people whenever there is a need. They should be elected or can be appointed by the commander.
The American Legion, Department of Washington, would like to recognize a Post/District chaplain at the Department Convention who has performed their duties in an exceptional manner and beyond basic normal duties.