Please carefully review the below and attached National Emergency Fund (NEF) application.

In light of the recent wildfires in the Western Hemisphere and other storms forming in our oceans and over land, wanted to send this to all as a reminder that the (NEF) is here to assist Legionnaires, SAL members  and Legion posts that have sustained damages due to a declared natural disaster.  For the fires, the NEF will only provide for those fires that were started naturally, not fires started by people. 

For Legionnaires and SAL members, grants are capped at $3,000.  For American Legion Posts, grants are capped at $10,000.



Please review the application carefully, and remember, until there’s an emergency declaration for a natural disaster in place, NEF can’t help until one is called. If a declaration happens, ensure that the applicant is current on their membership prior to the disaster and at the time of application submission, provides photos, receipts and any insurance paperwork. Statements from American Legion Post/District/Department officers or community leadership is encouraged to reinforce the grant application. Ensure application is completely filled out, or it could be sent back to you for more information. This is all outlined on the application and is provided for on the instruction sheet. 

NEF does not provide for repairs or replacement of lost or damaged items in the primary home of residence. If the destroyed property is owned by the member, but he/she does not physically live there, that is not covered. Vehicles or outbuildings are not covered. That is what insurance should cover.  If available, provide copies of insurance determination, if any. If the home is rented, renters insurance information should be provided, if any. 

For American Legion posts, only things covered are post programs that might sustain losses under the Four Pillars.  Losses from the social quarters and/or restaurant of the post are not covered.  A copy of the most recent Consolidated Post Report (CPR) needs to be attached.  A statement from post/district/department officers or community leaders as to how the losses in the post is very helpful if available.  Insurance documents should be provided.

You can “snail” mail or scan/e-mail the application and the attachments (photos, receipts, other supporting documents) to ia@legion.org.  Staff will process from there. If approved by the National Adjutant, a check will be cut from Finance and mailed that same day or the next day to the department adjutant to disburse to the member or the post.   Address to mail to:

The American Legion National Headquarters
ATTN:  National Emergency Fund
Internal Affairs & Membership Division
P. O. Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN  46206