Membership Resources

1635100% American Legion Family Ribbon
1636103% Membership Award
1657Brochure – This is The American LegionPublication from NationalDownload
1656Brochure – Why You Should BelongPublication from NationalDownload
1658Buddy Check ToolkitPublication from NationalDownload
1639Gold/Silver/Bronze Brigade Recruiter Awards
1659Legion Membership Application FormApplication for individuals to become membersDownload
1654Member Data Form (Fillable)Legion form for member data changesDownload
1666Membership Benefits Information
1708Membership Public Relations GuideA publication from National for Post PRDownload
1664Membership Renewal Online
1641Membership Target Dates (2024)National Membership target dates for the 2024 legion yearDownload
1655Membership Transmittal Form (TAL)Transmittal form for Posts to send membership to DepartmentDownload Login
1637National Commander Incentive Pin
1640National Membership Awards for Individuals/Posts/District
1653National Membership Awards Manual (2024)Membership, Awards & Info publication from NationalDownload
1638Post Excellence Award
1665PUFL Signup Online
1661Recruiting Flyer – Emblem (Family)from national organizationDownload
1662Recruiting Flyer – Emblem (Legion)from national organizationDownload
1660Recruiting Flyer – Uncle Sam (Family)from NationalDownload