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Constitutional Convention Reps


We’re excited to announce the appointment of the district representatives for the upcoming Department Constitutional Convention! The names of these representatives are listed below. After the initial Constitution & ByLaws drafting committee completes their task, stay tuned for more details on the when and where of the Constitutional Convention. More exciting updates to follow!

District 1

Erin McGlenn

Joel Ware

District 2

Tony Morea

Barbara Hoerr

District 3

Dan Abbott

Chris Bates

District 4

Shoronda Amamilo

Heather Spaite

District 5

Richard Branum

Nick Nikkila

District 6

none elected

District 7

James Dalton

Greg Holbrook

District 8

Marvin O’Hearn

Michael Leitch

District 9

Mike Montaney

Chris Brock

District 10

Gordon Aleshire

Frank Sterling

District 11

Bill Cottringer

Charles Grenard

District 12

Steve Upson

Chris Tucker

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