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The American Legion’s Junior Shooting Sports Program is a national activity administered through Post sponsored Junior Shooting Clubs. The program exists to provide gun safety and marksmanship training for young people, ages 14 through 18, as well as offering opportunities for competitive shooting which includes an annual national tournament.

The American Legion recognizes the fact that guns are a part of society and probably always will be. Proper instruction in the safe handling of firearms serves as a means of protecting youth and adults alike. Shooting is an attraction for all, and target shooting is not only safe and fun, it is a legitimate athletic discipline. The national network of Legion Posts provide a vehicle to conduct club operations, while Districts and Departments are encouraged to promote and supervise the overall operation of the program.

Junior Position Air Rifle Tournament
The American Legion conducts a Junior Three Position Air Rifle Tournament which provides the shooters with an opportunity to test their marksmanship ability in competition with other junior shooters from throughout the nation.

The tournament has three phases of competition:
1) State Championships
2) Qualification Round
3) National Championships

Both the state and qualification phases of the tournament are postal matches whereas the National Championship is a shoulder-to-shoulder competition. The State Championships and the Qualification Round will be conducted in accordance with the Official Match Program (OMP) and NRA Position Air Rifle Rules.

Competitors may participate in only one of two categories in the tournament based on the type of the rifle they wish to use. The categories are: Precision Air Rifle and Sporter Air Rifle

Who May Compete
Sponsorship: Entry in the tournament is limited to individual shooters or teams who are active members of a Junior Shooting Club sponsored by a Washington American Legion Post.

Age Limits: All contestants must be at least 14 and under 18 as of January 1st of the competition year. Contestants must be enrolled in a junior or senior high school or be a high school graduate, of that competition year.

Other Limitations: Each competitor may fire on only one set of “official match targets” during the state championship phase of the tournament. A shooter is ineligible to compete in the National Championship in successive years UNLESS he/she is moving FROM Sporter to Precision Category.

How to Participate in The American Legion Shooting Sports Program
Simply complete the application form and return it to the address found on the form.

How to Order Official Targets
Official postal targets for the tournament must be ordered by January 15th of each year. Contact: The American Legion, Attn: Junior Shooting Sports Program, P.O. Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Email the Department of Washington for a match brochure.

For More Information:
Junior Shooting Booklet

What is a Postal Match?
“A Postal Match is a match in which competitor’s fire on their home ranges using targets which have been mailed to them by the American Legion National Headquarters. The fired targets are then mailed back to the American Legion National Headquarters for scoring and ranking and awards”.
State and/or regional champions are determined and advance to a qualification round (also a postal match) to determine the athletes who will earn an expense-paid trip to compete in the national championship.

The American Legion’s Junior 3-Position Air Rifle Tournament provides American Legion Affiliated competitors an opportunity to test their marksmanship ability in competition with other junior competitors throughout the nation.

The Individual Tournament has three phases of competition:
1) Preliminary Round – State/Regional Championships; 2) Qualification Round; and 3) National Championships (Colorado Springs, CO).

The Preliminary Round – State/Regional and Qualification Round of the Individual Tournament are postal matches whereas the National Championship of the Individual Tournament is a shoulder-to-shoulder competition.

The Team Tournament has two phases of competition: 1) Preliminary Round – State/Regional Championships and 2) National Championships. The preliminary round team tournament is a “paper” match and will be comprised of the top four athletes’ individual tournament scores. A club with at least four individuals enters one team; at least eight individuals enters two teams; and so on.

The Preliminary Round – State/Regional and National Championship phases of the Team Tournament are postal matches.
Both the Individual and Team Tournaments will be conducted in accordance with the Official Match Program (OMP) and the National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules (current edition).

To join simply click on http://www.legion.org/shooting/postal_match into your browser and download the Affiliation Form, register, order Target Sets and view the Official Match Program!

For more information on this and other American Legion National Headquarters Youth Programs please visit us at http://www.legion.org/programs .

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