Legionnaire Insurance Trust

    The Legionnaire Insurance Trust (LIT) was formed in 1966 with two primary goals: to provide Legion families with low-cost insurance protection, and to provide a source of revenue to participating Legion Departments. The Trust has been so successful in its forty-three years that today over 2,000,000 Legionnaires in 48 participating Departments are enrolled in this unique program. Also, in the same period of time, hundreds of millions of dollars in claim benefits have been paid to Legionnaires and their families through the LIT; and over $52 million in allocations have been paid to participating Legion Departments.
    The first Trust insurance plan to be offered was the Hospital Income Protection plan, a program designed to pay fixed dollar amounts for periods of hospital confinement. Over the years, other insurance coverage offered included: Cancer, Accidental Death,Travel Accident, Critical Illness, Disability Income, Emergency Assistance, Long-Term Care, Medicare Supplement, Discount Cards, Dental, Whole Life, Auto, Homeowners, Identity Theft, and Home Health Care.
    Since its creation, AGIA has worked closely with the Trust to develop insurance programs especially designed for Department members and their families. We are proud to serve you through the Trust and invite your inquiries and suggestions on any aspect of our activities.
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